The Yang Style Short Form normally takes about 6 months to learn when participating in classes once a week and practicing at home daily. Purchasing Lawrence Galantes instructional book or DVD is highly recommended for reviewing the form at home. Once learned, the Tai Chi form can be practiced anywhere, in a group or by yourself. No special clothing or equipment is required. It takes roughly 8 to 10 minutes to complete. The moves can be performed at different speeds and intensities providing you with a gentle or more intense workout to suit your bodys strengths and abilities. And there are no adverse side effects. For some, the benefits of practicing Tai Chi may be apparent immediately. Over time, with daily practice, everyone begins to feel increased strength, balance, and relaxation. 

Once you have learned the moves and are able to practice on your own, the body and mind become synchronized as you do the Tai Chi form. Unlike watching TV while you exercise in the gym, the fluid non-repetitive sequences of Tai Chi require your mind to be attentive and focused. When taught correctly, every part of your body is engaged in every stepfrom your fingertips to your toes. As in meditation, your mind is simultaneously alert and relaxed, and your powers of concentration and focus will be enhanced as a result of daily practice.