For the teaching certification, the student is required to have an understanding of the martial applications of the Tai Chi form, their relationship to hard-style martial arts, and to working with an opponent and a weapon. In addition, since Tai Chi is a form of Chi Kung, an in-depth knowledge of Chi Kung exercises and principles is also required.

Understanding the evolution of the Tai Chi form in this way gives the student a more precise understanding of the reason for the movements in the form and therefore the student will be able to teach from a solid foundation within a long tradition of teachers. Many teachers today mistake Tai Chi for simply a lovely dance routine or simply another form of exercise. But, as with any practice, ignoring the history and traditions of the practice reduces its richness, power and effectiveness.

REGISTRATION: $100 registration fee. A $50 evaluation fee will be charged for each evaluation given. Attendance fees for classes are additional. Contact us to set up appointments with Lawrence Galante for your classes and evaluations.

PREREQUISITES: Certifications from Lawrence Galante in both Tai Chi and Chi Kung.

REQUIREMENTS: Being a Tai Chi and Chi Kung teacher is a serious endeavor, and requires a much deeper comprehension of the these arts:

Knowledge of at least one Tai Chi weapon form such as saber, sword, or staff. We offer the instruction DVD Tai Chi Saber Form-Yang Style, which is a form based on the Yang solo form. The saber form is designed to teach students how to transmit chi (energy) through an inanimate object.

Knowledge of both the basic one- and two-hand Push Hands forms. Push Hands teaches the student sensitivity to an opponent’s energy as well as how to return force. Instruction is either through courses available in your local area or through private classes with Lawrence Galante. We also offer Robert Chuckrow's DVD T'ai Chi Ch'uan Push-Hand Instruction.

There are many forms that may be learned. We offer the Small Cross-Plum Blossom Kung Fu form on DVD. This particular Kung Fu form is comprised of choreographed techniques first taught in the Shao-lin temples of ancient China for health, strength and self-defense. Tai Chi evolved from Shao-lin techniques, therefore a basic understanding of Shao-lin will help the student to better master Tai Chi Chuan. This is a southern style Shao-lin form and it was specifically chosen because its moves compliment the Tai Chi form. As you learn and practice this form, you will gain a deeper insight into the self-defense possibilities contained within the Yang-style Tai Chi form. You may substitute another style of Kung Fu, if you prefer. 

Submit a video of yourself for evaluation of each form. If you are learning a form, we recommend that the first evaluation be done after completing half the form. Incorporate Lawrence Galante's comments and corrections into the first half, then proceed to learn the rest of the form. Submit a final video of the complete form. Lawrence Galante will provide an in-depth final review.

Attend a minimum of two Lawrence Galante private Tai Chi classes.