Certification in Chi Kung from Lawrence Galante's School of Tai Chi means that you have successfully completed the three forms below. The certification is designed as a home study course but may also be done by attending classes. This certification is one of the requirements for the more advanced Teaching Certificate.

It is highly recommended that the serious Chi Kung student should practice a minimum of twice daily.

REGISTRATION: $100 registration fee plus a $150 fee for 3 separate evaluations of 3 Chi Kung videos. We have a convenient online registration package which includes all required course materials and fees. Or if you prefer to register once you have completed the home study materials, simply contact us when you are ready for your evaluations.

REQUIRED COURSE MATERIALS: The three DVDs Chi Kung, Crane Chi Kung, and 5 Element Chi Kung by Lawrence Galante are available from our online store either individually or as part of the registration package.

REQUIREMENTS: After completion of your study of the first Chi Kung form, submit a video of yourself for evaluation. Lawrence Galante will provide you with in-depth correction via telephone or email. Incorporate the given corrections and resubmit a final version along with a tape of your second form. Repeat this same process with your third tape. Your certificate will be awarded if you demonstrate competency in all three Chi Kung forms and some familiarity with Chi Kung philosophy. If further form study is needed, corrections will be made and an additional $50 fee will be charged for each additional video submitted for evaluation. Evaluations may also be taken in person or by attending Lawrence Galante's classes.