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Yang Kuang Ping Style Tai Chi

Posted by by Lawrence Galante on 2/26/2012 to Tai Chi

Named after the Kuang Ping Province in China, where it was first practiced, this form is considered the original Yang-style invented by Yang Lu Chuan.

Yang Style Short Form Tai Chi

Posted by Lawrence Galante on 2/23/2012 to Please Explain
There are many styles of Tai Chi Chuan. The one taught by Lawrence Galante is a set form of 37 slow, relaxed movements, coordinated with your breathing. Chi is the Chinese word for breath or life energy. Deep breathing and breath control are important aspects of the Tai Chi form as taught by Lawrence Galante.

Health Benefits of Tai Chi & Chi Kung

Posted by Lawrence Galante on 2/23/2012 to Tai Chi
Recently, many health insurance providers and health organizations are recommending classes in Tai Chi.

Tai Chi as Martial Art

Posted by Lawrence Galante on 2/12/2012 to Tai Chi
Tai Chi Chuan means “The Supreme Ultimate System of Boxing.” When taught and practiced as such, it is a formidable and profound martial art based on the principles of yin and yang.

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